Mission Statement

The mission of River Valley Charter School is to provide a rigorous academic program based on the Montessori philosophy and rooted in the history, culture, and ecology of the Merrimack River Valley. Students will reach their full potential as scholars and become self-reliant and productive members of society. They will be adept at critical thinking and creative problem solving and will be fully prepared to succeed in future schools, careers and civic life.  

Vision Statement

We envision an exemplary public Montessori charter school that values the individual voices of all children and the importance of their engagement in their own learning. A committed staff will strengthen and improve the learning experience of our students by building a professional culture based on collaboration. We will encourage all school members to develop as creative, curious, and persevering individuals through involvement in local, regional and global issues. Authentic experiences and reflective practices will guide our students and staff to better understand themselves as learners and motivate them as engaged citizens. Supportive and involved families will contribute to our students’ success and to the vigor of our school community. River Valley Charter School students will be inspired to pursue their passions and to foster peace and positive change.

Core Values

1. Premiere Montessori Public Education 
We commit to maintaining a core focus on traditional Montessori education while simultaneously seeking to fold 21st century educational theory and pedagogy into a progressive approach to teaching and learning. We will celebrate the individual’s creative spirit that drives their hunger for knowledge. We will engage all students in active learning, and encourage exploration and reflection.

2. Collaboration and Professional Practice
We will strive to improve the quality of teaching and learning at River Valley by sharing our strengths and by acknowledging our potential for growth. We will model the role of the life-long learner and make collective commitments to support each other in our goal of constant improvement. We will be active listeners and honor different viewpoints. We will commit to honoring our common goal:  to engage in helping each child reach her or his maximum potential.

3. Creativity, Challenge and Persistence       
We will develop and share challenging lessons and dynamic experiences that connect to core academic concepts as well as regional and global issues. We will model and encourage the flexibility, growth, persistence, and creativity that we seek to foster in our students.

4. Authentic Learning and Student Engagement           
We will create inquiry-based and real-world learning experiences for every student and will embed reflection and collaboration into the learning process. All students will be offered opportunities for civic engagement annually and will be supported in their efforts to explore and influence our local, regional, and global communities.

5. Building Student Passion, Reflection and Peace
We will approach our work with students with an attitude of trust and respect. We will embed reflective practices into the curriculum and offer students opportunities to pursue their passions. We commit to supporting a school culture that encourages students to develop peaceful dispositions and to serve as agents of peaceful change in the world though awareness of and involvement in societal challenges.

6. Parental Engagement           
We will provide resources and opportunities for education and dialogue which enable parents to support, participate in, and celebrate their children’s education and the River Valley Charter School community.