The Parents’ Alliance is committed to the River Valley Charter School by:

  • Serving the teachers and children through classroom assistance, and
  • Strengthening the school community through school-wide activities.


The Parents’ Alliance is integral to the child-teacher-parent triangle of learning. All parents of children enrolled at River Valley are members. As parent involvement is known to have a direct correlation to student engagement, every family is encouraged to contribute time to benefit the school.  There are a number of ways to volunteer including the following:


Service through Classroom Assistance

Each classroom has one volunteer PAL (Parents’ Alliance Liaison) to communicate with the teacher and help organize classroom volunteers. Typical volunteer activities include:

  • Chaperoning/driving for field trips;
  • Sharing professional expertise and experience;
  • Making classroom materials through laminating, cutting, photocopying, and typing;
  • Assisting with classroom celebrations and Scholastic book orders;
  • Reading with small groups; and
  • Cooking projects.


Strengthening School Community

Parents are encouraged to participate in school-wide activities such as:

  • Celebrations, and social events;
  • Parent education events;
  • Volunteering to captain an event;
  • Participating on subcommittees of the Board of Trustees;
  • Assisting the Director or any staff member on short- or long-term projects.