River Valley is comprised of a variety of members and groups. Each constituency plays an important role in the functioning of the school.  School Administration includes the Director of the school, Jonnie Lyn Evans and the Assistant Director, Dan Bouchard.  The administrative team, along with the Special Education Coordinators, the Middle School Coordinator, the Technology Coordinator, and the Business Manager oversee the day to day operations of the school.  In addition, the school employs a full-time School Nurse, School Counselor, and a part-time School Psychologist. Coordinators representing each of the four school levels (kindergarten, lower elementary, upper elementary, and middle school), work closely with the administration and form the school's Management Team. 

Every grade K-6 classroom at River Valley is staffed with two adults: a Lead Teacher and an Assistant Teacher. There is a Middle School Coordinator and middle school teachers who are content-specific (language arts, mathematics, humanities, and science). Our K-6 lead teachers are experienced Montessori teachers with Montessori training and/or certifications, and our assistant teachers have, or soon after hiring, receive Montessori training as well. Middle school staff are also Montessori trained. In 2020, we have additional programming to augment our curriculum during the enhanced requirements in place due to Covid-19.  

In addition to our Montessori professional staff, our faculty includes special education professionals and specialists in art, music, physical education, technology, and engineering.

Anne Adams
Speech Pathologist
Drew Balanoff
Placed Based Educator
Dan Bouchard
Assistant Director
Karianna Brace
E2 Lead Teacher (with Melissa Wagner)
Tom Brace
Middle School Math Teacher
Christina Carico
E2 Special Education Teacher
Mary Carpenter
Place Based Educator
Lucinda Cathcart
Middle School Project group teacher
Cynthia Chapman
Kinderhaus teacher (with Brooke Guilbault)
Anne Marie Clausen
Instructional Assistant
Deb Collins
E1 Assistant Teacher (with Karen Popken)
Shawn Devenish
Physical Education Teacher
David Draper
E2 Lead Teacher (with Eva Thibeault)
Jill Eichhorst
Business Office- Bookkeeper
Jonnie Lyn Evans
Executive Director
Katy Field
School Counselor
Ali Fields
E2 Lead Teacher (with Laurel White)
Brooke Guilbault
Kinderhaus Lead Teacher (with Cindy Chapman)
Rebecca Hamel
E1 Lead Teacher (with Jennifer McCormick)
Morgan Harris
Kinderhaus Assistant Teacher (with Mary Lytle)
Betsy Howgate
Special Education Teacher- Middle School
Laura Hunt
Middle School English/Language Arts Teacher
Patti Innes
Special Education Coordinator/Teacher, grades K-3
Laine Ives
Engineering Teacher/Teacher Representative BOT
Pamela Jones
Technology Coordinator
Lisa Kelley
Special Education Coordinator/Teacher, grades 4-8
Joanne Lightfoot
MS Part Time Special Education Teacher
Mary Lytle
Kinderhaus Lead Teacher (w/ Morgan Harris)
Beth Macquade
Middle School Math Teacher
Jennifer Mccormick
E1 Assistant Teacher (with Rebecca Hamel)
Debra Mccrevan
Business Manager
Jane Noyes
E1 Lead Teacher (with Melissa Wilkinson)
Melanie O’keefe
E1 Lead Teacher (with Susie French)
Tricia O’leary
Office Administrator
Jane Patterson
Music and Choral Teacher
Karen Popken
E1 Lead Teacher (w/ Debbie Collins)
Jen Prince-moughan
Kimberly Putney
School Nurse
Eli Rosen
Middle School Humanities Teacher
Jennifer Ryan
School Psychologist
Rebecca Schwer
Middle School Science Teacher
Cheryl Sirois
Art Teacher
Andrew Soracco
E2 Science and MS Health Teacher
Michelle Soule
Administrative Assistant
Lynne Taylor
Place Based Education Teacher
Eva Thibeault
E2 Assistant Teacher (with Dave Draper)
Kristin Tufts
E2 Lead Teacher
Colin Vandenburgh
Middle School Coordinator
Melissa Wagner
E2 Assistant Teacher (with Karianna Brace)
Laurel White
E2 Assistant Teacher (with Ali Fields)
Melissa Wilkinson
E1 Assistant Teacher (with Jane Noyes)