School Structure

River Valley enrolls 288 grade K-8 students. The school is broken into four levels: Kinderhaus, Elementary 1 (E1), Elementary 2 (E2), and Middle School.  

Our Kinderhaus program includes 32 students. We have two classrooms with a lead and assistant teacher in each. Class size is approximately 16 students, with an 8:1 ratio. 

Elementary 1 consists of grades 1-3. We have four E1 classes with approximately 24 students in each. There are two adults in every classroom, a lead and an assistant teachers, providing a student teacher ratio of 12:1. 

Elementary 2 is similar to E1 but consists of grades 4-6. Four E2 classrooms each have approximately 24 students with a lead and assistant teacher. 

Middle School houses 7th & 8th grade students with five middle school content teachers, as well as a Middle School Coordinator and learning differences support staff.