The governing body for River Valley Charter School is its Board of Trustees. The board is comprised of parents, members of the community, and business people.

The board has ultimate responsibility for successfully carrying out the charter and is roughly parallel to a school committee in traditional districts. The board sets policy for the school and is accountable directly to the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education to assure that we meet the terms of our charter. It hires the Director of the school who, in turn, hires the remaining staff of the school. Working through the director, the board ensures that all laws and regulations are being followed and that the day-to-day operation is consistent with the mission of the school. In consultation with the director and the Finance Committee, the board develops and approves the annual school budget.

Trustees are nominated and voted onto the board through the Committee on Trustees. The trustee position carries a term of three years. Trustees can be re-elected and can hold office for up to six consecutive years. New trustees and officers are nominated in the spring of each year and elected at the June annual meeting.

The board of trustees holds regular public meetings at the school, usually on the second Tuesday of each month at 7:00 p.m.  Advance notice of meetings is posted at the region's city and town halls and in the local newspapers.

Committees and Job Descriptions